Café "Kvetki Yablyni"

You can easily find the café "Kvetki Yablyni" on the lake Karasevae shore.

Our café is very bright and cozy; the furniture is made of natural wood. The windows look on a beautiful view of the lake.

If the weather is fine, you can book a guest table on the terrace above the lake.

There is a playroom for kids within eyeshot; so parents will be able to enjoy lunch and have a nice time without losing sight of their restless children.

You can choose from a variety of dishes: classic Belarusian kitchen and specialty.

Our chef can cook the fish you’ve caught in the lake.

If you are on a healthy diet, your food can be grilled or steamed.

Working hours: 8.00-23.00. Seven days a week.

Our café has 1 large room, 2 VIP-rooms, and a bar.